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Bettacare Easy Fit Gates are a high end range of pressure fitted child safety gates, featuring a secure double locking mechanism, made from high quality white powder coated steel. Available in eleven different sizes with compatible extensions available in sizes 6.4cm, 12.9cm and 32.4cm to enable you to increase the size of your ‘easy fit baby gate’ to suit your needs. Bettacare Easy Fit Gates are designed and manufactured to the highest standard to ensure a range of baby gates that provide the ultimate safety and security for babies and toddlers in homes and nurseries.

The range of Bettacare Easy Fit Gates each feature a double locking mechanism ensuring little hands will struggle to operate the opening and closure of the gate. As the gate safely locks shut in two places even the most advanced of toddlers will struggle to get through. Bettacare Easy Fit Gates further benefit from a two way opening, enabling you to open and close the gate in both directions. Versatile and lightweight these baby gates can be used in multiple areas of the home, from a doorway and hallway to the bottom of the stairs.

If used frequently Bettacare recommend leaving your baby gate installed in one place, however, for Grandparents or child minders, the easy fit range of pressure fitted baby gates can be easily taken down and assembled again in minutes. Bettacare child safety gates including the Bettacare Easy Fit Gates are regularly tested in British Safety Testing houses to ensure they meet all expected safety standards.

What size is the Bettacare Easy Fit Gate?

The Bettacare Easy Fit Gate is available in various sizes to fit spaces with a minimal space of 75cm up to 147cm, with extensions available in sizes 6.4cm, 12.9cm and 32.4cm to enable you to increase the size of your stair gate further to the required configuration. Stair gate extensions can be added to either side of the easy fit safety gate and more than one extension may be installed. It’s important to check the stability of your baby gate once gate extensions have been added before allowing young children to come into contact with the gate.

What are the benefits of the Bettacare Easy Fit Gate?

The Easy Fit Safety Gate benefits from a safe and secure double locking mechanism. This secure locking mechanism provides the ultimate safety in preventing toddlers from being able to open and close the baby gate. As the gate locks in two places, requiring a slide and lift (out of the widget) manoeuvre, the gate verges on almost impossible for a toddler to operate. The Easy Fit gate further benefits from a two way opening enabling you to open and close the baby gate in both directions. Bettacare baby gates (including the Bettacare Easy Fit Baby Gate) are pressure fitted baby gates and as no drilling or screwing in to walls or door frames is required to install these stair gates, no lasting damage is made to your home. The Easy Fit Gate is made from high quality, white, powder coated steel and compatible gate extensions are available in a range of sizes enabling you to increase the size of your safety gate to the required size.

Can I buy extensions for the Bettacare Easy Fit Gate?

The Bettacare Easy fit gate alone fits spaces 75cm – 83cm. Compatible stair gate extensions available in sizes 6.4cm, 12.9cm and 32.4cm enable you to increase the width of your baby gate to the desired size and all sizes can be installed at either side of the stair gate. It is important once stair gate extensions have been fitted to your pressure fit baby gate, to check the safety and stability of the gate before allowing a baby or toddler to come into contact with the gate.

What are the differences between the Easy Fit Gate and the Auto Close Gate?

Many features of the Easy Fit and the Auto Close baby gates are the same but there are some key features that sets these two baby gates apart as follows:

1. Auto close Vs manual close - The Bettacare Auto Close baby gate will close automatically if left open, it is a swing close gate that is guaranteed to close with even the least amount of pressure. The Bettacare Easy Fit baby gate in comparison requires an adult to actually side and lift the handle to both open and close the gate. This gate will not close automatically if left open.

2. One handed opening Vs two handed opening – The Bettacare Auto Close baby gate requires only one hand to open the gate. The Bettacare Easy Fit baby gate in comparison requires two hands to open the gate as lifting the handle out of the cradle and the widget which further locks the gate securely can be tricky with one hand.

3. Three gate sizes Vs one gate size – The Bettacare Auto Close actual ‘door opening’ comes in three sizes, extra narrow, narrow and standard enabling you to have a small walk through area or a larger walk through area. The Bettacare Easy Fit actual ‘door opening’ is a standard gate size and narrow and extra narrow door options are not available.

Both baby gates are pressure fitted gates, made from the same high quality powder coated steel, measure 75.5cm in height, open in both directions and can be used with or without extensions.

What size Bettacare Baby Gate do I need?

It is important when looking to order a baby gate for your stairs, doorway or hallway to ensure you have the correct measurements to ensure the child safety gate fits well and is safe. Firstly measure the top area where you will install the baby gate and secondly the bottom area taking into account any skirting boards you may have. Take a look at our Bettacare stair gate finder to help you find the best stair gate configuration for your space. Bettacare pressure fitted baby gates are suitable for the bottom of the stairs and any doorways and hallways throughout the home. A screw fitted baby gate is recommended for the top of the stairs as screw fitted gates have no trip bar and the screw fit instillation provides the ultimate safety for children at the top of the stairs.

How do I open and close the Bettacare Easy Fit Gate?

The Bettacare Easy Fit Baby Gate requires two hands to open and close the stair gate. Simply slide the catch across the top of the handle, lift the handle out of the cradle, walk through and then lift the handle back into its cradle before leaving the gate behind you. The Easy Fit gate with its double locking mechanism is one of the safest, most child proof, baby and toddler baby gates.

How many baby gates do I need?

The benefit of all Bettacare safety gates is that they are flexible baby gates. Each type of Bettacare baby gate is pressure fitted enabling you to move your baby gate to compatible hallways and doorways throughout the home. It is advised however should your pressure fitted gate have frequent use, to leave that baby gate in one place and to not move it frequently. Consider investing in baby gates for all areas of the home frequently used, i.e baby’s bedroom, the top and bottom of the stairs, the kitchen door and the living room. You may also consider installing a baby gate across the entrance to the bathroom.

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