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Bettacare Child and Pet gates are a range of extra tall safety gates suitable for use in the home with both pets and infants. Measuring almost 29cm higher than a standard size safety gate at 104cm, these child and pet gates are a great solution for separating children from larger pets and preventing animals from entering pet free zones in the home. Extra tall gate extensions are available in sizes 6.4cm, 12.9cm, 32.4cm to enable you to extend the width of your safety gate further to the required size.

All Bettacare Child and Pet gates open in one direction only and are pressure fitted, enabling you to install these extra tall gates safely and securely without the need for drilling into walls or doorframes. Made from high quality, powder coated steel this range of child and pet gates are robust and durable and the ideal safety solution for families with infants, pets or both.

The one handed opening and close feature enables you to walk through the gate safely whilst carrying young infants and the double locking mechanism ensures the gate is always securely locked in place and child proof. This extra tall safety gate is multifunctional, versatile and simple to use, widely considered one of the best safety gates for children and pets. Bettacare child safety gates including the Bettacare Child and Pet gates are regularly tested in British Safety Testing houses to ensure they meet all expected safety standards.

What is the best Pet Gate?

Most child safety gates are suitable for use in the home with both infants and pets. It is however recommended in homes with larger pets to consider installing an extra tall child and pet gate. Baby gates and pet gates are basically the same product made from the same high quality, robust powder coated steel with the same features and functionalities, they simply act as a room divide, preventing infants and pets from entering areas of the home that present potential hazards to children or deemed unsuitable for pets. Child and pet gates have been designed to keep children and pets safe in the home, safety gates can be pressure fitted or screw fitted and both are suitable for infants and pets. The Cat Flap Pet Gate is the best gate for a cat. The built in cat flap enables your cat to come and go independantly without having to be let out by a family member. The best gate for a dog, particularly a larger dog is the child and pet gate.

How tall is the Child and Pet Gate?

The Bettacare Child and Pet gate is an extra tall stair gate measuring 104cm, almost 29cm taller than a standard size child safety gate. The additional height of the child and pet gate enables families to separate larger pets and young children, preventing toddlers from being able to reach over the gate with ease or pets from jumping over. Extra tall pet gates provide the ultimate room divide and safety for families with young infants and larger pets.

How do I install the Bettacare Child And Pet Gate?

The Bettacare Child and Pet gate is installed by applying pressure to the wall cups along the four spindles at each corner of the safety gate against the wall, doorway or bannister. As the Bettacare child and pet gate is a pressure fitted safety gate, no drilling or screwing is required during installation. The benefit of a pressure fitted pet gate is there is no lasting damage to the home and the gate can be installed and taken down with ease. Pressure fitted child and pet gates are the most popular safety gates in homes with pets and infants.

Will my dog be able to jump over the pressure mounted gate?

As this is an extra tall dog gate measuring 104cm in height, it is unlikely your dog will be able to jump over the gate. Tall baby gates for dogs are designed for families with pets and young children and provide the ideal solution in keeping children safe and separated from larger pets if needed. As there are no gaps at the base of the child and pet gate, there is no risk of babies and smaller pets from crawling through. The space between each of the bars is standard measuring approximately 6.5cm.

Can I buy gate extensions for the Child And Pet Gate?

The Bettacare Child and Pet Gate is available to buy in eleven different sizes. If you are unable to find the right size to fit your space there are three compatible extensions available that enable you to increase the size of your pet gate. Bettacare Child and Pet And Cat Flap Gate extensions are compatible with the Bettacare Child and Pet Gate, available in three sizes 6.4cm, 12.9cm and 32.4cm.

What surfaces can I install the Child And Pet Gate against?

The Bettacare Child and Pet Gate can be installed against any surface, however, should you be looking to install this pressure fitted baby gate against wallpaper with a sheen or any other shiny surface, we do advise using wall cups with screws to prevent the wall cups from slipping.

Can I use this pet gate for a child and not a pet?

Yes! A pet gate is the same product as a child safety gate, the only difference is the name. Some safety gates such as ‘extra tall stair gates’ are designed with pets in mind, to keep both children and larger pets safer in the home. Other stair gates are smaller in height, but perfectly suitable for both children and smaller pets. Bettacare stair gates are all made from the same materials (white powder coated steel). All Bettacare Child And Pet gates and Bettacare Cat Flap Pet Gates are suitable for use with just children, children and pets or just pets. The Bettacare Child And Pet Gate however is the only Bettacare Gate that hasn't been safety tested for use with children.

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