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The Bettacare Gate with Lockable Cat Flap is the only pet gate on the market which incorporates a cat flap, ideal for pet owners with both dogs and cats or families with young children and pets. This extra tall pet gate with a cat flap is the best multifunctional pet gate on the market for keeping toddlers safe, dogs within boundaries and cats free to roam, ideal for creating room divides where needed in the home.

The tough powder coated steel frame and double locking mechanism feature prevent even the most determined of pets from getting through. Complete with all the same features and functionalities as the Child and Pet Gate, the Bettacare Gate with Lockable Cat Flap has been designed specifically for pet owners and families with pets enabling you to keep all family members safe and comfortable in the home.

The Bettacare Child And Pet Gate be used in multiple areas of the home, from a doorway to the hallway to the bottom of the stairs. If used frequently Bettacare recommend leaving your pet gate installed in one place, however, for Grandparents or child minders, these pressure fitted pet gates can be easily taken down and assembled again in minutes. Bettacare pet gates are regularly tested in British Safety Testing houses to ensure they meet all expected safety standards.

What is the best gate with a cat flap?

The Bettacare Gate With Lockable Cat Flap is the only pet gate on the market that features a cat flap. Other brands of pet gates incorporate walk through doors for cats but no other pet gate incorporates a unique cat friendly lockable cat flap. The cat flap pet gate is an extra tall pet gate measuring 104cm designed for use with both cats and dogs in the home. Although not safety tested for use with children, this pet gate is suitable for famililes’ wanting to keep children and pets safe or separated in the home. This stair gate with a cat flap enables dogs to be restricted to certain areas of the home, cats to roam free and toddlers to be safe from larger pets or restricted to safer zones in the home. This tall pet gate with a cat flap creates room divides large and small where needed.

How does the cat flap work?

The cat flap enables your cat to roam free throughout the home. The swing close door will open and close upon impact and opens in both directions to enable your cat to walk through. The swing close cat flap needs to be manually locked into place when not needed, it will not automatically lock shut. The cat flap is simple to lock with two small slide and lock levers at either side of the cat flap, once locked the cat flap is safe and secure. Simply lock when not needed and unlock for use. The cat flap measures 18cm by 16cm and deemed suitable for most cats yet small enough to prevent smaller dogs from attempting to slip through.

How do I install the cat flap pet gate?

One of the best pet gates for cats, this pet gate is simple to install and take down thanks to the pressure fitting mechanism. The Bettcare pet gate with a cat flap is installed by applying pressure to the four spindles at each corner of the gate, no drilling or screwing into walls and door frames is necessary. Wall cups attached to each spindle enable you to tighten the pet gate to the desired pressure, enabling you to achieve the maximum stability of your pressure fitted pet gate. It is recommended with all pressure fitted pet gates to frequently check the pressure hasn’t weakened over time. If pressure has released, simply tighten the spindles to regain a sturdy fitting.

Is the cat flap gate suitable for children?

Although not safety tested for use with children, this cat gate is very popular with families with young children and pets. The cat flap pet gate features a double locking mechanism, providing maximum security for toddlers and young children. The slide and lift opening mechanism is tricky for small hands to manoeuvre and even the cleverest of tots to master. Made from the same powder coated steel as all other child safety tested and approved Bettacare gates, there is no risk to children coming into contact with the materials used to make the safety gate. The Bettacare cat flap gate is extra tall, measuring 104cm as apose to a standard 75.5cm gate, making it extra safe and secure for young children in the presence of larger pets.

Can I buy gate extensions for the cat flap gate?

Yes! There are three extensions to choose from to enable you to make your cat flap gate bigger. Pet gate extension panels come in three sizes, 6.4cm, 12.9cm and 32.4cm and each gate extension will fit to either side of the pet gate as required. Extensions for pet gates enable you to increase the size of your pet gate to fit larger doorways, hallways and stairwells in the home. Bettacare Child and Pet and Cat flap extensions are compatible with both the Child and Pet Gate and the Child and Pet Gate And Cat Flap Gate. More than one extension may be fitted to either side of the pet gate to enable you to achieve the desired size.

What are the benefits of the Bettacare Gate with Lockable Cat Flap?

This stair gate with a cat flap has many great benefits. Firstly this is an extra tall stair gate designed to keep larger pets safe in the home, or children safe from larger pets in the home. Measuring almost 29cm taller than the average baby gate, this pet gate provides extra security between larger pets and young children and prevents larger pets from jumping over the gate. Secondly the built in, lockable cat flap enables cats to roam freely in the home, whilst preventing children or dogs from entering unsuitable or unsafe zones. Thirdly this pet gate is pressure fitted ensuring there is no lasting damage to walls and doorframes from drilling or screwing, it’s quick to install and simple to remove. Finally this pet gate features an extra secure, child proof and pet proof double locking mechanism that even the cleverest of tots and most determined of pets will struggle to open.

Cat Flap Pet Gate