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The Bettacare Auto Close Gate is the original and best-selling, self-closing gate from the Bettacare range of child safety gates. Gate features unique to Bettacare, such as our trademark auto close system keep your family safe and happy inside the home. The exclusive automatic closing system slowly closes and locks the gate automatically once you have walked through. This self-closing feature eliminates the possibility of this baby gate accidentally being left open, ideal for homes with older siblings (who may forget to close the gate) or for visitors who may not be familiar with child safety gates and a childproof environment.

Another great feature is the simple one-handed, two-way gate opening operation. The simple one handed opening feature enables you to carry baby, laundry or the shopping through safely. The sensitive auto close feature will close with minimal effort, if simply left open it will cleverly close tightly shut, providing greater comfort and reassurance that your children are always safe in the home.

Bettacare pressure fitted baby gates are versatile and lightweight, they can be used in multiple areas of the home, including the top and bottom of stairs, in doorways and hallways and also in irregular spaces. If intended for frequent use, Bettacare advise leaving safety gates installed in one place. If however a Bettacare gate is intended for temporary use in the case of grandparents and childminders, the auto close gate can be easily dismantled and assembled again in minutes. Bettacare child safety gates including the Bettacare Auto Close Gate are regularly tested in British Safety Testing houses to ensure they meet all expected safety standards.

Is Bettacare a good brand?

Bettacare is a credible brand. With over 25 years in the industry of designing and manufacturing some of the best child and pet safety gates, Bettacare continues to thrive as market leaders in supplying some of the best child and pet safety gates to nurseries and parents and carers with young infants. Over the years, competitors have struggled to match the quality and reliability of unique features such as the patented ‘auto close feature’ a completely bespoke and unique feature to the Bettacare Auto Close Gate. The sensitive auto close feature ensures the gate closes tightly shut with even the slightest of pressure. The Bettacare range is small, consisting of four styles in a range of sizes, high end, carefully crafted child safety gates with compatible extensions. A core range of baby gates, continually evolving in style and functionality thanks to the time and care invested into all aspects of this quality range of baby gates and baby gate extensions. All Bettacare gates are pressure fitted and feature a two way opening mechanism, made from good quality, white powder coated steel, available in a range of sizes.

What size is the Bettacare Auto Close Gate?

The Bettacare Auto Close gate is available in a range of sizes, The Bettacare White Narrow Baby Gate 68.5cm – 75cm, The Bettacare White Standard Baby Gate 75cm – 82cm, The Bettacare Extra Narrow Baby Gate 61cm – 66.5cm. There are many additional sizes to choose from to enable you to achieve the gate configuration you require plus extensions to increase the configuration further if needed. All Bettacare Auto Close Baby Gates measure 75.5cm in height.

What are the benefits of the Bettacare Auto Close Gate?

The Bettacare Auto Close Gate is a high quality, powder coated steel child safety gate. Unique to the Bettacare Auto Close Gate is the patented auto close feature. No other auto close baby gate will close securely and automatically with such minimal pressure. Left to close upon opening, this auto close baby gate will always automatically shut behind you. The auto close stair gate further benefits from a one handed, two way opening mechanism. The one handed opening operation enables you to carry baby, shopping or laundry through easily. Installation is pressure fitted ensuring there is no lasting damage to walls or door frames once removed. The Bettacare Auto Close baby gate is Bettacares best selling baby gate.

Can I buy extensions for the Bettacare Auto Close Gate?

To enable you to increase the size of your swing close bettacare gate there are several baby gate extensions available that are compatible. Stair gate extensions that are compatible with the auto close gate are available in four sizes 7.2cm (1 bar extension), 14.4cm (2 bar extension), 36cm (5 bar extension) and 79.2cm (11 bar extension).

What size Bettacare Auto Close Baby Gate do I need?

It’s important before ordering a safety gate to firstly measure the space intended for use. Firstly measure the top area, across the wall, door frame or bannister. Secondly measure the bottom area, you may have skirting boards that you need to take into consideration where the bottom measurement may differ to the top. Many Bettacare baby gates are compatible with irregular spaces in the home. Try our Bettacare stair gate finder and key in your measurements to find a safety gate configuration suitable for your space.

What is the difference between other self closing baby gates and the Bettacare Auto Close Gate?

Self closing baby gates are baby safety gates that will swing close shut with impact. Once you have entered through a swing close baby gate it is necessary to ensure the required pressure is put onto the gate to ensure the gate securely closes. If a swing close gate is left to close without the ‘swing motion’ and minimial pressure, there is no guarantee that the gate will close sufficiently to ensure your child is safe. In comparison, the Bettacare auto close gate is guaranteed to close, there is no specific level of pressure required to ensure the gate will tightly shut, the gate does not need to be ‘swing closed’ and the auto close gate will close automatically if simply left open by a young toddler. With minimal pressure and millimetres away from closing, the auto close gate will close safely and securely. The Bettacare auto close gate is one of the best baby gates in keeping babies and toddlers safe and secure in their home environment, ideal for homes with siblings who may be prone to leaving the gate open.

Do I need to screw into my walls or door frames to install?

The benefit of all Bettacare gates is that you do not need to drill into walls and doorframes to install these baby gates. Each Bettacare gate is pressure fitted, installed by tightening the wall cups on each of the four spindles to secure the gate in place. If you are installing the stair gate against wall paper with a sheen or any other shiny surface, it is recommended to use wall cups with screws to achieve a tighter more secure fit and to prevent the gate from slipping. Pressure fitted gates can be moved with ease to other doorways in the home where the doorway is size compatible, however should a gate require frequent use, it is advised for maximum stability to keep the safety gate in one place if possible.

How do I open and close the Bettacare Auto Close Gate?

The Bettacare Auto Close Gate is simple to operate thanks to the one handed opening feature. To open this baby gate there is a slide and lift mechanism, simply slide the catch back on the top of the handle with your thumb, then lift the handle to enter. As the auto close gate has an automatic closing mechanism, the gate will close tightly shut if left open.

What is a pressure fitted gate?

A pressure fitted stair gate, such as the Bettacare Auto Close Gate is a child safety gate that is installed by applying pressure to the 4 spindles at each corner of the baby gate. There is no drilling or screwing necessary to install a pressure fitted gate, it is simply installed by applying pressure to the four spindles and tightening of the wall cups to the wall or doorframe. There is no lasting damage to the wall with a pressure fitted gate enabling you to move the safety gate to other areas of the home with ease. Pressure fitted gates are designed within a U frame and most suited to the bottom of the stairs, hallways and doorways, but not recommended for the top of the stairs.

Auto Close Stair Gate

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