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Welcome to The Bettacare Online Shop

Safety Gates including Baby Gates and Pet Gates plus Baby Accessories.

You can order 24hrs 7 days a week at your leisure with full security and the same reliability and service that Bettacare have been providing for over 25 years world-wide.

**SALE OFFER** See our Sale Offers - including the EASYFIT gate reduced from £25.99 to £18.99

We are distributors for Red Castle in the UK and offer their full range via our website.

Safety Gate - Stair Gates

When it comes to finding a safety gate there are a number of different reasons why you should put one in place, if you have children it is imperative that they are safe and having a gate in place can help to keep them safe. There are many different gates available which will allow you to add them into your life without any difficulty such as the auto close gate which means you don't need to worry about a gate being left open. You will also find that the gates are very easy to install into your home and can be done so within a matter of minutes. Installing a safety gate is a very easy task and because of its simple nature the fastenings are child proof so that you don't need to worry that your child may accidentally unscrew the fastening while playing. These fastenings have been designed so that they cannot be over tightened, so once it is securely in place you will not be able to tighten it further, they also won't work loose themselves while the gate is in use making these safety gates a great addition to your home. You can protect your children and home by installing a child proof safety gate.

If you have young children and want to ensure that they don't get too far when out of your sight then you will find it very beneficial to install a stair gate. Young children are often very inquisitive and will want to explore your home, but with stair gates installed you do not need to worry about your children having any accidents when they are trying to get up and down stairs because they cannot access them. Many people choose to install stair gates at the top and bottom of their stairs so that they do not need to worry about moving them.

Dog Gates

Many people allow their pets into certain areas of their home and so they install pet gates to ensure that their pet can't access these areas. When you close a door it can be quite easy for your pet to open it especially if it opens out into another room, meaning that it doesn't act as an effective barrier. A pet gate is a simple and effective way of ensuring that your pets stay in the space you have allowed for them, especially if they are mucky and you want to clean them first before allowing them into the rest of your home. If you choose to not allow your dog upstairs in your home then the easiest way to ensure that it is much harder for your dog to get upstairs is to install a pet gate at the bottom of the stairs. By doing this you can ensure that your dog is not able to get upstairs. If your door enters a porch, hallway or utility room you may wish to use a dog gate so that you can clean your dog after mucky walks before it is allowed into your home.

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Please note we are the UK distributor for Red Castle. If you are outside the UK please contact Red Castle at
Bettacare Ltd, 9/10 Faygate Business Centre, Faygate, West Sussex, RH12 4DN

Tel: +44 (0)1293 851896 Fax: +44 (0)1293 851065 Email:

Last Updated May 2015

Best Selling Items

Auto-Close Gate

Auto-Close Gate


Standard Size (75-82cm)
Narrow Size (68.5-75.5cm)
Xtra Narrow Size (61-67.5cm)

* Automatically closes and locks by itself, eliminating the danger of a gate left open. No need to turn and close the gate yourself.
* Patented new type of locking handwheel - Child-proof and can not be over tightened or work loose in use.
* Multiple extensions available.
7.2 cm, 14.4 cm, 36.0 cm and 79.2 cm
Use to extend the gate width up to 155 cm.

* Easy to follow installation instructions.

Our Customers love our products so much that we have sold out of XTRA NARROW and NARROW SIZE Auto-Close gate. New stock in APRIL but call us and we may be able to find you another supplier for these products.

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Red Castle® Zip'Up® All in One Suit. Size 1

Red Castle® Zip'Up® All in One Suit. Size 1


The Zip 'Up All in One suit is made from cuddly fleece on the outside with a 100% cotton jersey lining for extra comfort.

The two full length zips make dressing and undressing your baby and nappy changing easy.

The Zip'Up features a well-fitting hood and turn back cuffs which can be closed over the hands and feet for extra warmth when out and about. No need for extra hat, mitts and socks.

Available in 2 sizes (0-4 months and 4-9 months) All with Fleece outer and colour co-ordinated striped lining.

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Child & Pet Gate

Child & Pet Gate


Width: 75-83cm
Height: 104cm

* Extra tall gate to make an effective barrier for pets.
* Standard tested for children.
* Patented double locking handle mechanism.
* Pinch free hinge
* Patented new type of locking handwheel - Child-proof and can not be over tightened or work loose in use.
* Multiple extensions available.
6.4 cm, 12.9 cm, 32.4 cm
Use to extend the gate width up to 148 cm.
* 'Y' spindles available for fitting to rounded stair posts
* Easy to follow installation instructions.
* Well constructed value for money

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